The story

In the beginning, there was 2008.

Augury Consulting was born when an intrepid wealth management executive noticed (to her embarrassment) that she was really enjoying the financial crisis.

In a complicated time and with so much going on, where was this profound sense of professional satisfaction coming from?

I'll tell you: It was the client newsletter. 

Really. As the crisis unfolded, I took charge of my company's communications program -- and found the daily challenge of clarifying new developments, anticipating client concerns, drafting talking points, and helping to position our firm in the marketplace to be oddly... invigorating. 

My first client was a big fan of those crisis-era missives. Since then, an unexpected source of quiet pride has grown into a specialized content marketing powerhouse, cultivating communication, engagement, and loyalty for a broad base of financial industry clients.

Augury offers creative ideas with a quantitative bent, a deep understanding of finance that remains blessedly free of jargon, and the ability to build rapport, relationships, and understanding through the written word. 

This is anna

No financial services website is complete without a bio -- and in keeping with our storied traditions this one is helpfully written in the third person. 

Anna started her finance career as an undergrad at a distressed debt hedge fund, where she learned the ins and outs of fund operations and compliance (a skill set that pays dividends to this day). After graduating magna cum laude with a BA in economics from USC, she became a research associate in the finance unit of Harvard Business School. Anna went on to lead strategy at a boutique wealth manager in Los Angeles, later taking the helm as COO, and she picked up an MBA from UCLA Anderson along the way. 

In 2010, Anna set out on her own to become a professional writer -- and never looked back. Since then, Augury Consulting has grown into a powerful content creation service, bringing ideas and messaging to life for a broad range of financial services clients.

Anna has also regularly appeared in the financial press, where she investigates various pet interests in finance and economics. Her widely-syndicated work has appeared everywhere from CNN to Fidelity Investments, NASDAQ to Merriam Webster, and countless other publications in between. She has contributed regularly to the Financial Times' This is Africa service, and a 2014 piece for her African private equity column at was a finalist for a prestigious South African legal journalism award. 

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