private commissions

Augury clients typically value their privacy, so I don't publicize ghostwritten or privately commissioned works. Please contact me for examples of newsletters, website copy, research reports, eBooks, marketing collateral, blogs, and more. Whatever you need, I've almost certainly done it before.


I've enjoyed a longstanding presence in the financial press. A few notable examples:

The Financial Times' This is Africa
The Motley Fool

My work has been syndicated, reprinted, or otherwise distributed by USA Today, CNN, Business Insider, MSN, Fidelity Investments, NASDAQ, USAA, Middle Market Growth, Merriam Webster (a delightful compliment for someone who browsed the dictionary as a child), the African Development Bank, and countless other blogs, magazines, papers, and websites.

publicly-credited client work

A few examples of publicly credited commissions:

Bradford Pine Wealth Group's Huffington Post blog
WiserAdvisor Investor Resources (requires search)
Research on Save More Tomorrowa Wall Street Journal bestseller by UCLA Anderson Professor Shlomo Benartzi

For privacy reasons, privately commissioned work is shared individually and with the permission of each client. Such samples are not available for public dissemination. Please contact me for more information. 

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