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Maybe you want to put out white papers or go whole-hog on an email drip campaign, or maybe you just want to create a better brochure and send a more interesting performance update. 

That's where Augury comes in: to help you create great content and make sure it aligns with your overall business needs


Working with Augury means working with an experienced, professional financial writer (that would be me, Anna - I write everything that goes out the door) and, if your project needs it, a select team of researchers and designers (who work under an NDA). 

This expertise is important: great financial writing/content development is actually a highly specialized skill set. My toolkit includes an understanding of:

  • Finance, financial products, economics, and the context in which asset management and strategic decisions are made.
  • Marketing strategy, the idiosyncrasies of financial services client groups, and the realities of competition and branding.
  • Compliance and the delicate linguistic dance we perform to stay in line with financial marketing regulations.

Add excellent writing and the option for professional graphic design to this list and you have a pretty clear picture of the unique service Augury provides.


Augury clients care about getting a message across in a way that supports their brand and builds their reputation. To that end, I am regularly commissioned by asset managers, advisors, fintech innovators, and other institutions in and around the financial industry.

From eBooks to direct mailers, performance reports to white papers – and from newbies opening their first 401(k) to seasoned professional investors – let's talk about how you can start connecting with your audience. 

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