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Augury Consulting was born when an intrepid and stylish wealth management executive noted (to her embarrassment) that she was rather enjoying the financial crisis. In a complicated time and with so much going on, where was this profound sense of professional satisfaction coming from?

We’ll tell you: It was the client newsletter. 

From our first client (a fan of those crisis-era missives delivered via HTML email) to our evolution into a full service marketing department for our clients, we’ve never lost that passion for the power of engaging with an audience – no matter the markets or the medium.



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founder + principal

Anna B. Wroblewska

Anna leads and directs each of our client engagements and is the force behind our content production team. You can just go ahead and try to tear that latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek from her cold dead hands.

Anna founded Augury Consulting in 2010, but she fell in love with finance in college as an undergrad intern at a distressed debt hedge fund. After graduating magna cum laude with a BA in economics from USC, Anna became a research associate in the finance unit of Harvard Business School. She went on to lead strategy at a boutique wealth manager in Los Angeles, later taking the helm as COO, and she picked up an MBA from UCLA Anderson along the way. As a writer, she was a regular contributor to the Financial Times’ Africa service and her work has been syndicated across the financial press.


Things Anna collects

Quotes and odd stories

Pairs of shoes owned

Decline to state


MBA, 2010

BA Economics, 2005


Untitled design (2).png

project manager

Kelley Montoya

Kelley is the field marshal who keeps our projects running according to plan and according to schedule. She manages campaigns across social media, email, and digital advertising, and she leads organization and execution on our various other activities.

Kelley’s knack for management, leadership, and learning has been honed in her other career as a homeschooling mom: after all, if you can herd three kids through their educational journeys, you can herd a bunch of creatives through a deadline.



B.A., Spanish Literature, 2005

Things Kelley collects

House plants & vintage tins, sometimes together

Number of pets

7 (two dogs, two guinea pigs, two fish & a hermit crab)


Untitled design (3).png

Graphic Design

Gaby Garcia

Gaby is our designer extraordinaire. She does everything from business cards and logos to PowerPoint presentations and white paper designs (she even designs tattoos!).

Gaby’s (borderline) obsession with design started as a young age, and she often got in trouble for creating “design pieces” on her bedroom walls. Lucky for us, she has channeled all her creative juices and refined her style, making her an invaluable member of our team.



Licentiate degree, Graphic Design, 2013

Things Gaby collects

Anything dinosaur related

Favorite ice cream flavor