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Successful financial services firms stand out from their peers through great ideas - and strong marketing.

Augury Consulting helps successful advisory, asset management, and independent financial services organizations find and engage with their clients and peers.

Our goal is to make marketing as seamless and integrated with your operations as possible, taking the pressure off internal staff and enhancing your ability to communicate and work with clients.

Our expertise covers the full range of your marketing needs, from branding and logo design to white papers, direct mail marketing, and social media campaigns. We also develop and implement CRM optimization and back-office functionalities to support our activities – freeing your time to reap the benefits of a well-tuned marketing department.


Technical chops

Breadth and depth in both academic and real-world finance and economics

Product/service experience

Real-world understanding of your services, strategies, and sales processes

a healthy regard for compliance

An understanding of regulatory limitations and a willingness to partner with your compliance team


What can we do for you?

REIMAGINE your brand

We’ll work with you to get back to basics: branding, logo design, and an overall approach to the way your company is presented to the world.


Engagement is the name of the game in financial services. Websites, papers, articles, freemium, pitch books, and decks are the foundational tools for facilitating conversation.


Every successful marketing program begins with a plan. We can help you clarify how and where to invest your marketing and advertising budgets.

get out in the world

Ideas are just the start: expert commentary, public relations, press, and content discovery also belong in your toolkit. Let’s build a program that gets you where you need to go.

optimize your online presence

Digital advertising is a critical component of any modern marketing plan. Let’s put together and execute an SEO, local SEO, SEM, and SMM strategy that works for you.

leverage Social media

Whatever your social media platform of choice, you can boost results with the right approach. We’ll design, execute, and optimize your social presence — without sacrificing your credibility.


We make it our business to beat industry averages
— Anna
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Get their attention

Get syndication-ready Single articles have seen tens of thousands of page views; Anna’s work has been syndicated by Fidelity, CNN, NASDAQ, and countless others.

Make Facebook work Our social media accounts routinely surpass industry average engagement rates - and our focus on testing and analytics delivers improved performance over time.